About us

Who is Cirican?

We are a new organisation established by 18 members of the Association of Rural Communities in England (ACRE) to provide research and consultancy services in the areas and places we know well.

Why Cirican?

Our mission is to deliver collaborative, co-produced, and community-embedded consultancy work. As a network of rural based experts, our connections and experience offer a unique and unrivalled research and consultancy service.

What we can offer you…

  • RESEARCH & ANALYSIS – Policy research, analysis and evaluations to support social, economic and environmental development across rural and coastal areas
  • FEASIBILITY & DESIGN – Undertaking feasibility studies for new programmes or ideas bringing design-led thinking
  • MONITORING & EVALUATION – Assessing the impact of large grant funded government programmes and other projects
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Advising on community engagement strategies, facilitating consultation and partnership development
  • STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT – Business strategy development for rural and coastal development. This includes Local Development Strategies and Business Plans